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What is Timetable Consultation?

Timetable Consultation recommends and assists your institution in creating quality clash free timetable output as well as solving all timetabling problems and issues.

Our professional consultant with many years of experience in the timetable creation in higher education institution will consult in these areas:

  • Clashing issues
  • Distribution of classes and lecturers
  • Lecturers Workload vs Total Courses Offered
  • Minimum and Maximum Lecturer Workload
  • Compulsory and On-Demand Constraints
  • Maximising Room Capacity Utilization
  • Both Class and Exam Timetable scenario

 Who are TimetableHub Timetable Consultants?

  •  Experience Handling higher education timetable scenarios since 2007
  • MBA and Master in IT graduates
  • Invited to PATAT 10 in Belfast to speak and present a paper as well as  showing off a timetable software called Timetable Plus
  • Ability to consult and solve any timetable problems and issues by engaging into customization of the software and training schedules

Why must you choose TimetableHub Timetable Consultation?

TimetableHub has been involved with timetable consultation since 2007. We have consulted range of educational institutions in Malaysia from small colleges that have limited resources to public university that has more than 20,000 students enrolled at one particular moment.

In Timetablehub Timetable Consultation Package, our  exclusively  understand (hands-on) in regards to the timetabling issues with regards to all factors including environmental and human relationship factors. Since 2007, our Onsite Timetable Consultation Package had received positive outcome through our dedication and willingness to go all the way to help out our clients in solving their timetable issues. One important factor is that we are able to customize a timetable software according to our client’s needs and demands.  In addition, we normally will customize the Training program for our clients based on each scenario whereby some clients need more attention due to:

  • New to timetable creation
  • IT or Computer skill level varies amongst timetable coordinators/managers
  • Different timetable scenario amongst departments within one institution

What kind of Timetable Consultation we offer?

Timetablehub Timetable Consultation Package offers exclusively “Personalized” Online and Onsite Timetable Consultation that will include:

  •  Create a quality and clash free timetable output
  • Analyse the timetable output
  • Critically identify the issues and problems
  • Give a recommendation on how to construct quality clash free timetable
  • Customization of a timetabling software using Timetable Plus
  • Customize Training Kit for timetable coordinators and managers
  • Both Class and Exam timetabling

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