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What is Online Timetable Consultation?

We offer an affordable YET effective method of ONLINE timetable consultation to solve and advice our clients in regards to their timetable issues. This package will include the customization as well as licensing of a timetable software called Timetable Plus. We will cater all Online session according to your country “Office Hour” timing.

Why choose Timetablehub Online Consultation Package?

  • Affordable
  • Experienced Timetable Consultant since 2007
  • Understanding of timetable scenarios
  • Your preferred timing for both consultation and training session (subject to our consultant availability)

Friendly Note: Online Timetable Consultation only available for Class Timetable. Price range from the size of the institutions and using either Template or Raw data for 1st Draft

What does this Package includes:

  • Online Session during your own country Office Hour timing
  • Creation of 1st Draft and Analysis of the output by professional timetable consultant (Template will be provided and will be trained by our consultant)
  • Customization of Timetable Plus software with licensing
  • Online Training session of Timetable Plus software
  • 1 year Consultation Package (a total of 2 or 3 sessions)

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