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What is Onsite Timetablehub Consultation Package?

Onsite Timetable Consultation refers to our consultant visiting the client’s place to discuss and construct  all the timetable issues with all timetable stakeholders (Timetable Coordinators, Timetable Managers, Head of Department and Academic Officer). These exclusive  “hands-on” timetable consultation experience offers:

  • Comprehensive Timetable Solution
  • Personalized Timetable Consultation
  • Personalized Timetable Training
  • Class and Exam Timetable Consultation

Why choose Timetablehub Consultation Package?

  • We have been conducting Onsite Timetable Consultation since 2007 for colleges, polytechnics and universities.
  •  Our consultation services had attracted more than 50 clients within Malaysia Higher Education
  •  Our premium service range from Class Timetable Consultation to Exam Timetable

Friendly Note: The price varies with institution size, number of timetable stakeholders attending the Training and also the customization of Timetable Plus software.The price does not include the transportation and lodging cost.

 What does this Package include:

  • Onsite visit by our consultants
  • Creation of 1st Draft Timetable by our Onsite consultant from the given Raw Data
  • Onsite Review and Editing Process by our Onsite Consultant together with all the timetable stakeholders
  • Recommendation and Analysis report by our Onsite Consultant
  • Timetable Plus (Class or Exam) software with Minor or Major Customization Inclusive of Licensing
  • Onsite Training and Re-Training for designated timetable stakeholders
  • 1 year of Timetable Consultation Package (2-3 semesters)