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1.  Optimization of Room

Some of our clients have space constraints. They need to make sure that rooms are being optimized without clashing of students. lectures and rooms. Thus since 2007, we have been able to allow our clients to optimize thieir available rooms to the maximum during both our consultation and outsourcing methods. Examples of our clients that faced the Polytechnic Muadzam (before 2011) and UTEM (University Technical Malaysia).

2.  Repeaters Issue

Both private and public run colleges face repeaters issues during the construction of the timetable. In privately run institutions, the repeaters issues are more complex than the public instituitions. Since 2007, we have been working closely and consult those instituitions facing repeaters problems while opting for the best solutions to solve repeaters problems without compromising the lecturers’ workload and clashing of students. Examples of our clients faced these kind of issues are Southern College and Taj International College.

3.  Distance Issue

Some buildings in the campus are far away from one another while some buildings are outside the campus and may even take few hours to travel in between them. Therefore in these instances where students and lecturers need to travel to far away buildings, we have been able to customise the Timetable Plus software and also successfully construct a quality timetable output with the distance consideration during our outsourcing project with our clients. One of our clients that has its Distance Issue solved is UNISZA (Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin).

4.  Gap in Lecturer and Student Timetable

Lecturer may be assigned with too many workload or more workload than the others in which this particular lecturer will have a compact timetable than the others. However, in some cases, our clients have complaint about too compact timetable for lecturers and students eventhough the workload has been set to the minimum workload to all lecturers. Since 2007, we have been involved in consulting and customising with our clients that face these kind of issues. We have created some kind of formula and functions that are able to detect those lecturers and students that are involved in over the minimum workload that been set by the management. Through both outsourcing and customization methods, our consultants are able to solve these issues with our clients. One particular case that we solved in regards to this Gap issue is UTHM (Universiti Tun Hussen Onn Malaysia)

5.  Prioritization in Allocation for Certain Subjects and Lecturers

From our experience, we have been able to solve issues that need to prioritize some subjects and lecturers accordingly during the allocation process. In our research, we found out that during the prioritization allocation process, it seems that timetable slot prioritization also plays an important part. Almost more than 50% of our clients need this function.

6.  Various kinds of Timetable Output

Since 2007, we have been able to create various Timetable Output and the contents that need to be displayed to facilitate various kinds of audience.

7. Mid Year and Final Year Examination

Since 2007, our clients have demanded us to develop an Exam Timetable software in which with proper research and consultation, our team was able to produce the Timetable Plus Exam version on January 2013. Our Exam Outsourcing service will be introduced in January 2014. It is an anticipated software and service for all timetable enthusiasts, coordinators and managers. Our 1st clients to successfully use our Timetable Plus Exam Consulting Package is Universiti Tun Hussein Oon (UTHM) in 2013.