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What is Timetable Outsourcing?

Timetable Outsourcing is hiring a timetable professional consultant to construct a quality clash free based on the raw data and constraints of that particular semester. Normally, timetable outsourcing will cover the editing and output process throughout the entire semester.

What is TimetableHub Timetable Outsourcing Service?

Timetablehub has been providing Timetable Outsourcing service since 2008 for Class Timetable and Exam Timetable since 2013. Our clients are mostly institutions from the Higher Education ranging from colleges to universities. We handled periodical semester per semester timetable creation request as well as emergency outsourcing cases whereby clients need to get the timetable output within couple of days.

Why engage in TimetableHub Timetable Outsourcing?

  • Cheaper in total cost than paying for a full time timetable coordinators
  • Eliminating the fear of staff turnover for timetable coordinators
  • Reducing the risk of taking the timetable responsibility during staff rotation
  • No worries for changes in technology platform as well as the upgrading of timetable software






*Discount may apply for more than 1 semester contract or those taking both Class & Exam Timetable Outsourcing

What kind of TimetableHub Timetable Outsourcing we offer?

class timetable outsourcing

What does this Package include:

  • 1 semester of Quality, Clash Free Timetable Output
  • Timetable Output in many format; Master & Individual
  • Option to let our consultant handle Editing Process for entire semester
  • Advice and Professional Service by our friendly and qualified Timetable Consultant
  • Easy to Use Data Entry Template