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Our consultant holds professional education with many years of experience in handling timetable issues. They are passionate in solving timetable problems with a high ethical working standard as a timetable consultant.

MR AMIR SAID, Principal Consultant (Timetable Consultant)

Mr Amir graduated with Bachelor of Business Studies in Massey University (NZ) and had his MBA (International Business) from Flinders University (Australia). He was later appointed as a Management Consultant in Melbourne and then got a leading role as a Project Consultant in the 1st Australia Halal Trade 2006 which was held in Melbourne and subsequently won 2 awards.

His interest in consultation in timetabling started in 2007 when he was consulting a client in Malaysia who is in need of timetable solution for the university. From there on, he dedicated his time and effort to lead a team of timetable consultants to produce a workable timetabling consulting package and together with Mr Rafiq, they produce a timetabling software called Timetable Plus that has solved more than 50 higher education institutes in Malaysia since 2007.

In November 2010, Amir and Rafiq had published an international journal (which can be viewed at the Article tab) recognized by Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling (PATAT) and Amir was invited to speak at the conference in Belfast.


MR RAFIQ: Principal Consultant (Software Development)

Mr Rafiq graduated with Master of Information Technology from National University of Malaysia and Master in Computer Science (by research) from University of Melbourne, Australia specializing in the area of combinatorial optimization and local search. With more than 12 year of experience in the tertiary education sector, working as a lecturer, academic administrator as well as system developer, his career can be summed up as the combination of the best of both worlds – as a technology user and the technology provider. His vast system development experience includes major projects such as human resource information system, multi-level marketing management system and integration and implementation of eLearning and student information system and development of Timetable Plus, a commercial course and examination timetabling application that is currently used by more than 50 higher level of academic institutions in Malaysia.


MS ANUM SURIA AHMAD MAZLAN, IT Consultant & Project Manager

Ms Anum Suria graduated from UNITAR (University Tun Abdul Razak) in Degree in Computer Studies. Her passion in software development and web based application were given the chance to blossom as she was directly involved in the development of timetabling software during her career with YV Group Sdn Bhd in 2007. Her 3 years stint as an IT Consultant and Technical Support Executive with YV Group, Anum was also heading a team to develop and maintain of the company’s website. Her willingness to listen to client’s problems and her know-how ability in understanding the software has make her the “bridge” between clients and the development team in producing a timetable software called Timetable Plus.

After Timetablehub Solution was formed in 2010, Anum takes the role of an IT Consultant and Project Manager assisting Mr Rafiq in the development of Timetable Plus software. Her positive communication with our clients requesting for customization had enabled the advancement of both Timetable Plus Class and Exam versions.  Due to her close relationship and ability to understand the timetable scenarios of our clients, Anum is also involved directly in timetable consultation together with our principal consultant. Since 2010, Anum had successfully consult more than 30 higher education institutions; ranging from small college with 1500 students to a national level public university like University Tun Hussein Onn whose student enrollment reached up to 25,000 students. Being an IT graduate plus her patience in dealing with “different types of clients” as well as attention to detail attitude, Anum has won the confidence of many of our clients whose demands are being dictated by the complexity of their timetable constraints. Not only does Anum is able to construct a clash free timetable for our clients but also working together with them to find the right long term solution especially in relation to IT based solution.  In 2016, Anum has been working together with couple of universities towards a web-based portal enabling our client to edit the timetable Online.