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TimetableHub History

In 2007, formerly known as YV Group, we have been asked by some higher educational institutions in Malaysia to consult them in regards to their timetabling issues. We conducted our timetable problem analysis with those institutions, developed a customized timetable software called Timetable Plus, involved in timetabling consultation with various departments in understanding various kinds of constraints and organized mass or personalized Onsite and Online Timetable training sessions. In 2012, we had managed to consult 52 higher education institution in Malaysia, solving various kind of timetabling issues and extending our Timetabling Consultation service into Timetable Outsourcing service.

TimetableHub Current

Currently, TimetableHub Solution is specializing in the area of Timetable Consultation, Timetable Outsourcing, and Timetable Training.We have been a ONE STOP CENTRE for anything and everything to do relating to timetabling issues for all timetable coordinators, managers and enthusiasts. We have been expanded our services in providing a complete Timetable Examination Consultation apart from the Timetable Class Consultation. We even provide a friendly user template that will user will be able to enter the data easily with minimal learning curve without before importing into the Timetable Plus software. Our ability to communicate online with our clients have made the flexibility of our Training program which can be conducted ONLINE and this ONLINE service even had expanded into providing our Consultation and Outsourcing services. We even enable our clients or our TimetableHub Members to chat ONLINE with our consultants. By 2012, there have been 52 clients in the higher education institutes that have engaged in our Timetabling Consultation Package.