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Getting Started

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How It Works

Phase 1: Online Interview Session

This is the introduction point between our consultant and our client whereby important questions will be addressed to understand concisely on what are the main timetable issues. This interaction may be a one off session or extend to multiple session based on the discretion of our consultant. The normal process is that the Phase 1 session will take around thirty minutes to an hour of chatting.

Phase 2: Raw Data Or Completion of Template & Other Constraints

We will need you to choose either to send raw data file or complete the data entry template that we send to you. Manuals on how to complete the data entry template will be included but you can REQUEST for Online Help for Data Entry Template. We will also provide template for Constraints that need to be considered.

Phase 3: Construction of 1st Draft by our consultant

Upon receiving either the raw data or completed template, our consultant will construct a clash free draft timetable output called the 1st Draft Output. We will email the 1st Draft Output in all Format Output for your analysis.

Phase 4: Complete the Output Analysis Template and Book a Chat Session

Together with the 1st Draft Output, we will email an Output Analysis Template for you to fill up after analysing the 1st Draft Output. You will also asked to book a Chatting session with our consultant for editing process.

Phase 5: Chatting and Editing Process with our Consultant

Our consultant will discuss all matters in regards to the 1st Draft Timetable Output guided by the completed Output Analysis Template via Chatting Online through Skype.

 Phase 6: Final Output and Report will be delivered

Once satisfied, our consultant will deliver both Final Timetable Output and Recommendation Report in regards to the construction of the 1st Draft. Recommendation will include any suggested customization to be made at the Timetable Plus software.

Phase 7: Online Training Session 1

We will set an Online Training session to teach you and your team in constructing a quality clash free timetable using Timetable Plus software. Online Training will be done using Teamviewer application as well as Skype. The training will also include Editing Process.

Phase 8: Report from our consultant

We will provide a report based on our analysis in regards to Online Training Session 1. Recommendation will be laid out for improvement for the incoming Online Training Session 2.

Phase 9: Online Training Session 2

The proposed Online Training 2 is for the next coming semester with all the improvements being made. Normally all technicality in Online Training 1 will be extended to Online Training 2 unless stated in the Recommendation Report of the Online Training 1.

Phase 10: Handover Process

In our Handover Process, we will email the latest and updated Timetable Plus software with all the customized functions. A customized  Ezy Manual and Ezy Video that goes along with the customized Timetable Plus will also be provided.  A final Timetable Consultation report will be attached in the Handover Process.

Useful Information

1. Chatting using Skype during Online Interview Session(Phase 1)

We use Skype to chat with our clients during the Online Interview Session and we required our clients to have the Skype application installed and having their Skype ID handy.

 2. Data Entry Template (Phase 2)

Currently we are using an Excel platform Template for the Data Entry purpose. We are developing an Online Template which will be made available in 2015.

Apart from Ezy Manuals and Ezy Video Excel Template that will be provided, we can also dedicate a maximum of 1 hour slot of Online Training for the Timetable Plus Data Entry Template. This is only available upon request.

 3. Raw Data (Phase 2)

If client decides to give us the Raw Data rather than completed Excel Template, we need to have a formatted type of Raw Data either in the Word or Excel format. Our consultant will advise on the Raw Data format during the Online Interview Session.

 4. Constraints Setting (Phase 2)

We need all the time and room constraints (if any) for batch of student, particular group or individual lecturers and any subject/course that relates to the constraints. We will provide the template and additional material or information apart from the given template is welcome. However, please ensure that all the constraints need to be highlighted Compulsory or On-Demand and the priority of the person/batch/subject/course involved.

5. Timeline of Construction of 1st Draft of the Output (Phase 3)

School College University College University
Raw Data 1 -2 Days 3-4 Days 3-5 Days 3-5 Days
Excel Template 1 Day 1 Day 1-2 Days 1-2 Days

 6. Standby Online during Construction of 1st Draft (Phase 3)

Please note that our clients need to standby Online during the process of the Construction of the 1st Draft Output.

7. Format of 1st Draft and Final Output (Phase 3 and Phase 4 and Phase 6)

We will email the following output in these format:

  • Master and Individual Lecturer Timetable Output
  • Master and Individual Room Timetable Output
  • Master and Individual Batch of Student Timetable Output
  • Master Per Day Timetable Output (normally named as Master Timetable)
  • Report on the Free and Occupied Statistic for Each Room per Day

8. Edit Template Format (Phase 4)

We will provide an Excel platform Edit Template to be completed for Editing Process

9. Online Training Session Timeline

School Colleges University College *University
Online Training Session 1 2-3 days 3-4 days 4-5 days *4-5 days
Online Training Session 2 1-2 days 2-3 days 3-4 days *3-4 days

* The number of Days for university will depend on how big the size of the institution. This is our average calculation based on our record.

10. Customization of Timetable Plus software (Phase 10)

Please note that only approved customization will be done in relation to the customization of Timetable Plus software. It is based on:

  • Recommendation of our consultant
  • Minor customization is only for cosmetic customization
  • Major customization is adding another function or changing algorithm characteristic