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We understand Exam Timetable is difficult to construct for any institution. Try our fast and efficient Exam Timetable Outsourcing service that is able to generate quality clash free Exam timetabling for each student together with the option of  dedicated seating numbering. We are also able to allocate invigilator as well as their position with constraints setting of minimum and maximum workload. Just give us the student and invigilator data in the simplified CSV or Excel format and rest assured that the multiple format output of each students and invigilator will be ready within hours or days.


Main Features

  • Affordable Pricing

Our Exam Timetable Outsourcing is priced according to the needs of the clients. Our pricing ranges from as low as USD200 for Basic Package which is affordable for schools and small colleges.  View our Pricing Option to know more.

  • Fast & Reliable Result

The 1st Draft of Timetable Output will be emailed to the clients between 3-4 HOURS OR DAYS. Clients have the option of the Express Outsourcing service OR the Standard 24 service which differentiates between hours and days of the Output. Both the Express and Standard service will give similar high quality of the timetable output.

  • Construct by Professional

The construction of Your Exam Timetable has been outsourced to our professional timetable consultants that has both the qualification and experience in handling different types of timetabling scenarios in different types of institutions. Their valuable knowledge in timetabling construction will result in a Quality Clash Free Timetable Output.

  • Easy to Use Template

In Timetablehub Exam Timetable Outsourcing package, our clients will be provided a Template which is in the form of Microsoft Excel. A step by step guide via Ezy Manual and Ezy Video can be downloaded by the clients.

  • Live Chatting & Consultation

Our timetable consultants will undergo a “live” chatting with our clients to understand deeper the timetable scenario as well as consult the client in relation to the supplied completed template.

  • Generate Timetable for Each Student

We require client to provide each student data in the template provided. The reasons for this is that our Exam Timetable Outsourcing service will be able to generate each student timetable output which even detect any clashing for each particular student. Each student will even be allocated their own seating numbering which can be shown at their Exam Slip Output.

  • Multiple Output & Printing Option

Client has the privilege to receive all our available Printing Output options which is in the  Master and Individual format for Each Student ID, Batch of Students, Invigilator and Slot. Our clients will be receiving all the Printing and Output in Words, PDF and Web Outlook formats.

How It Works

  1. Fill Up the User Information Exam Outsourcing form
  2. Choose the Outsourcing Option
  3. Chatting with Our Consultant
  4. Complete & Submit the Template
  5. 1st Draft will be sent via Email
  6. Complete & Submit the Analysis Template
  7. Optional Chatting with Our Consultant
  8. Final Draft will be sent via Email


Our price is the service we provide to you. Please write to us and we will respond to you with a great offer!




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