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1. What is the difference between Express and Standard Outsourcing service?

Express Outsourcing service will take only within 3-4 hours to deliver the Clash Free Quality Timetable Output. Standard Outsourcing service normally takes within 3-4 days to deliver the Clash Free Quality Timetable Output. Both services differ only with the timing of the Output delivery with similar quality of the Output.

2. What are the templates needed to be completed?

Class Outsourcing Service:

  • Class Database & Data Entry
  • Class Data Entry Analysis
  • Class Constraint Setting

 Exam Outsourcing Service:

  • Exam Student Raw Data
  • Exam Lecturer Raw Data
  • Exam Non Academic Raw Data
  • Exam Constraint Setting

 3.  Which format/platform can the downloaded templates be opened with?

All the templates at this moment are in Excel platform. It is recommended to use 2003 version and above.

4. In what format must I save the file at any point of time?

By default, when you open the file, it is in the format of Macro-Enable Excel. Those using the Excel version 2007 and before need to enable the Macro everytime they open the Template.   However those using Excel version 2010 need only to enable the Macro once when they first    initiate the opening of the Template for the first time.  Therefore, whenever user need to save the template file, it must be saved under Macro-Enable Workbook format.

 5. Will the templates have any updates?

As for the Templates in Excel, we do not have any updates.

6. Any new version of templates in near future?

Yes, we are working on an Online and Deskstop platform version of the templates which will be made available in early 2015.

7. Apart from looking for help at the provided Manual, what other help if I get stuck with the Template?

We provide Chatting with Consultant service for our Outsourcing Clients. Our Chatting is normally over Skype and also we will ask client to install Teamviewer application if need to     remote the client’s desktop for assistance.

8. After I complete the Class Database & DataEntry Template, should I continue with the other templates before submitting All at Once or submit individual templates upon completion?

We prefer the client to complete the entire set of Templates before submitting to us. However we do not mind to receive individual template file upon completion for analysis purpose to make sure that everything is in order.

9. Is the Chatting service available 24 7?

Our usual procedure is that if our consultants are available to chat, the Status at the Skype will be Available. However all our consultants are engaged (even when stated Available), we will inform you our next available time slot. If the Skype status is AWAY, you can just leave us a message and we will reply you once we are ONLINE and status Available. Alternatively, you can request for a specific date and time for Template Consultation which is normally need to make at least 24 hours beforehand.

10. If there is a bug at the Templates, what should I do?

Please email us the file that you deemed has bug and explain to us what exactly happen (Step by Step of what you do) that give away the bug. If the explanation is not detailed, we will not be able to understand where and how the bug occurs.

11. Can I do short cut like copy and paste at the Templates?

Since this is a Macro protected Excel Templates, we discouraged any kinds of short cut process that could lead to the instability of the templates. If the Bug reported is due to the short cut action made by the user, we will not be able to help out and normally we will give a new empty Templates for completion.

12. Once I submitted the completed templates, what will normally happen?

Once our consultants receive the completed Templates, we will analyse everything to see everything is done properly and the data is complete. This will normally take within 24 hours for us to respond about our findings. Our findings may as follows:

Our Findings

Action Needed

Templates Not Completed Client will be sent back the templates for completion
Some Data seems absurd or illogical Client will receive an email highlighting the data that need attention.
Error in the Template due to some Client will be informed about the illegal characters thatIllegal character or “illegal” Short need to be removed or replaced. If any “illegal” Short

Cut Operation

Cut Operation is found, we need to ask the client to resend the entire Template again that has been done “legally”. Please note that our templates locked in Excel Macro platform thus no Short Cut operation permitted.
All Data is in order & completed We will inform the client that the Template is complete and set the Date for Online Consultation date.